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San Francisco has abandoned our communities to anyone who wants to create disturbances or engage in illegal activity.  It is time we are given the tools to stop the most egregious behavior that disrupts our ability to live in safe and clean neighborhoods.  Write Supervisor Hillary Ronen today and demand she work with the DA's office to create a Nuisance Abatement Unit.

Nuisance Abatement Unit in San Francisco




Community Engagement


Abate chronic nuisances in our neighborhoods

During George Gacon’s tenure as district Attorney in San Francisco, there was a form that residents could fill out and send to his office to address chronic nuisances in their neighborhoods.   That form no longer exists. The IMNA would like to see it reinstated. It would empower neighborhoods to take action on the most egregious nuisances such as removing people who regularly play loud music or are menacing others. Right now, we have no power to deal with serial bad behavior. We want Supervisor Ronen to work with the DA Brooke Jenkins to bring back this basic channel to correct the worse behavior in our neighborhoods.


San Francisco needs a Nuisance Abatement Unit-- A specialized unit within the City Attorney’s Office devoted to aggressively enforcing public nuisances and on going crime in the City of San Francisco. The unit would work in partnership with City departments, Supervisors Offices, community groups, and the police to proactively preserve and enhance the quality of life in our communities. It is time that we have the tools available to aggressively address nuisances in our communities.  San Francisco has to be committed to protecting each of our diverse communities and our environment.

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