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Our Team

Francesca Pastine. President
Anne Burke. Vice-President

Steering Committee

Anne Burke

Lucy Junus

Francesca Pastine

Jane Perry

Aisling Ferguson

The Steering Commitee

We aspire to create a vibrant community through fostering rich social interactions through our programs, such as the IMNA Beautification Project. By bringing people together, we can  achieve common goals such as strengthening our community, maintaining diversity, and making the Inner Mission a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family,

The People of IMNA.

Francesca Pastine


Francesca and her husband moved to the Mission in 1994. She is an artist that works in her home studio, an arts educator, and she recently opened a gallery in SOMA. Of all the issues in the neighborhood, she believes that building and maintaining community spirit is the most important.  What she likes most about the neighborhood is its  embrace of diversity, and that she can walk or ride her bike everywhere.

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Anne burke




As a Chinese woman who was born and raised in Indonesia and immigrated to United States in 1978, living in Mission District has always felt like home. The vibrant culture and diversity of people are so energizing and exciting. 


Being a business owner as an interior designer, has given me the opportunity to work with other businesses in the neighborhood.

The goal of my involvement with Inner Mission Neighbor Association is to assist more improvements in every aspect of Mission District.



Jane and her family have lived in the Mission for generations. Her parents,Connie and Bill Weber, were founding members of the Inner Mission Neighborhood Association.


Albert is an architect and resident of the Mission since 1994. He likes living in a part of the city that is over 100 years old with architecture  that reflects San Francisco's rich historic building trends. He notes that this was a working class neighborhood and the buildings reflect the innovations and imagination of the average builder at that time.

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