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History and Mission


We have come together to create a positive presence in our community through collaboration and creativity.



founding members of the Inner Mission Neighborhood Association

Bill and Connie Weber were founding members of the Inner Mission Neighbor Association. Together, they made the neighborhood a better place to live (Connie Weber could be seen sweeping Shotwell Street every day). The Inner Mission Neighborhood Association  was instrumental in getting a Federal grant to demolish the blighted Bernal Dwelings projects and replace them with two and three story town-houses. They did regular graffiti clean up, and addressed crime and housing issues since 1993.


Connie Weber and Gavin Newsome during their efforts to replace the Bernal Dwellings towers.



Promoting a resilient and civilly-engaged community through  connecting neighbors. Creating a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood through cultural and multi-generational engagement. Fostering neighborhood pride by promoting a beautiful, vibrant, and respectful community.



We invision a neighborhood that
embraces, empowers, and connects the community
where all are proud to live, work, and play.

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