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Mission Improvement Plan Meeting

On behalf of the Inner Mission Neighborhood Association, we invite you to a meeting with neighborhood leaders and city officials that will address economic recovery in the Mission. We hope you can participate in this important discussion.


The Mission District is slow to recover from the effects of Covid. Business closures, graffiti, garbage strewn streets, open-air drug use, and out of control encampments are hurting our neighborhoods. We have invited leaders from neighborhood associations in the Mission to address the problems they see in their communities. Supervisor Hillary Ronen and city agencies will also be present to listen to the community and address our concerns. Together, we hope to raise awareness of what we need as a community to make the Mission a safe and healthy environment for businesses and families to thrive.

SPEAKERS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS Ryen Motzec, Mission Merchant Association Lyn Webach, Central Mission Neighbors Association Ayman Farahat, Friends of Jose Coronado Park Dani Sollberger, Director, La Scuola International School John Loshuertos, Block Captain Samir Kandoth, Mission Resident CITY AGENCIES Rafael Moreno: Office of Economic and Workforce Development Diana Ponce de Leon: Office of Economic and Workforce Development Nicholas Crawford: Public Works BUF Superintendent Chris McDaniels: Public Works Santiago Lerma: Aid to Supervisor Hillary Ronen



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